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CREATE course is unique...

  • Learn how programs in the subconscious mind control and limit your life.

  • In three short hours, go beyond intellectual knowledge to incomparable transformation and mystical experiences.

  • Rise above the blocks to a successful, empowered, happy life.


Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns?


It’s not your fault...


The programs in the mind are like the “Matrix” – a silent, hidden controller.


They result in a stressful experience of everyday life.



Thousands have traveled to INDIA to learn these life-changing secrets. Now you can save the expense of an airline ticket and hotel. Learn from the comfort of your own home and start applying these secrets right away. 



In this interactive course, taught live from India, you will:

  • Access the power of Enlightened Masters

  • Break free from deeply ingrained patterns

  • Learn the importance of coherence between thoughts, feelings and results

  • Discover spiritual shortcuts to overcome your biggest challenges

  • Rewire your brain to work for you rather than against you

  • Ignite your supernatural ability to create a new future.


CREATE unlocks your inner magnificence so you can live your best life every single day!



You would probably expect to pay $250 or more for this course... but to make it affordable so you can dive deep into transformation, this live, online course is only $25.  



Many participants choose to take the course multiple times to continue unraveling limiting patterns.

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YES, I'm Ready to Awaken My Highest Potential!

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Life filled with light & grace

This CREATE course offers much more than it appears to. Over time your life will be more and more filled with light and grace, and you won't even know what you did to deserve it.

Vera G.

Oakland, CA

Ready to embrace challenges

CREATE has redefined what living means on every level from the describable to the indescribable. When I attend each month, I look at the deep rooted patterns that limit the quality of life. As a result, I feel deeply refreshed and ready to embrace the challenges of life, making room for endless possibilities.

Kendrick S.

Miami, FL

A powerful rudder for life

This course helped me see the beauty within me and the power I have to create the world I want. It showed me how significant I am and the significance of all living things. It brought home to me the connection of everything and everyone. That awareness provides me a powerful rudder for life.

Carolyn R.

Austin, TX

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Connection in relationship

The process led to deep insights about how my conditioning has influenced all aspects of my life and, through grace, I'm finally experiencing the connection in my relationships that I've always wanted. I'm extremely grateful for the CREATE course.

Astrid R.

Washington, DC

Practical for everyday life

What I’ve learned through the CREATE course effortlessly integrates into my everyday life.

Willow Y.

San Francisco, CA

Aligned with the universe

CREATE shared and unfolded invaluable insights from within showing how life truly works. This helped me to truly align to the universe in a way where it is easier for me to create what I truly want and enjoy the process.

Matthew M.

Portland, OR

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No pain, guilt or regrets

It was very revealing to go through the CREATE process. I now have a deeper understanding of what has impacted my life without pain, guilt or regrets.

Joscelyn S.

Caracas, Venezuela

A life changer

CREATE allowed me to see profound real world results in my life - less anxiety, more  peace, fewer emotional reactions, better sleep, improved health and better communication. The course is short, disarmingly simple and subtle -  but a life changer. CREATE is a ‘must do’ for anyone, everyone.

John D.

Olga, WA

No longer worried

I was worried about the influence of some of my daughter’s acquaintances. After taking the CREATE course, I realized that I was being judgmental and stopped worrying. My daughter is no longer spending time with them and our relationship has improved.  

Yolanda S.

New York, NY


Yes, I'm ready to CREATE my best life!

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